About us

ِABGHA is a flagship brand of start-up venture StraDigiCorp which is based out of Dubai Tech Park. The main focus of ABGHA is to serve the customers in the GCC and MENA region under four main categories: Homes, Events, Cars, and Buy/sell.


Looking for a new car? Looking for a used car? Want to sell your car? Want to compare cars? Want to post an Ad for a new or a used car? All your questions will be answered under one roof by" Abgha" cars.


If you want to buy, sell, rent, or share a house or an office or any other commercial space, post an Ad for the property you own or search for the property you are looking for according to your preference. Your needs are just a click away.

Buy/ Sell

Buy and sell anything and everything whether used or new under this section, with the ease of use and transaction.


Explore the latest events and stay updated with "Abgha" Events.

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